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WM00869 & WF60586

Posted on February 14, 2022 at 11:46 AM

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Waaw Matrimony has played an important role in our lives..We met through Waaw Matrimony in June2020 and then a series of beautiful events followed which led us both onto a wonderful journey of life..😍 Though the match was kept in Received Request one fine day while navigating the website, I opened all the Received Request and found his interest kept in there. I just liked the face, his simplicity yet confident, attracted me to read his profile. While reading the profile, I literally felt my search to find a match is over here. After reading the whole profile, I accepted the request which is sent by him..waaw matrimony team shared our numbers through whatsapp..We talked for a while like I was being interviewed, it was an awkward moment but made me believe even stronger that he is my match. The same evening he and I started talking and not a day had come since then that we talked less than 5-6 hours over a 24 hour day. Couldn't realize how the time flew, we would talk about everything happening in each other's life, office gossip, about each other's families, friends and even extended families...Thanks again to Waaw Matrimony for providing us this beautiful platform of connecting the soulmates. We happily got married on  03-02-2022.🥳