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WM40133 & WF20699

Posted on November 30, 2021 at 04:06 PM

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It's nice to share over here. I never thought that, I'm going to find my partner through waaw matrimony. It was 16th March 2021 when he had accepted my request on, was a bit excited to contact him, when I called him first time on 16th March 2021 he was bit busy and informed me that he will call later but after a while he called me back and told me that he wants to know something more about me and then we have started chatting on WhatsApp Application as we have started chatting we started knowing each other very well and then we have started caring and sharing and becomes very good friends just like a perfect partners and from there the journey of our life has started.. Our families met multiple times and then they have finally decided and confirmed our marriage..We both love each other a lot and we both would like to thanks from where we have met and get connected with each other..Finally we got married on 29th November 2021.Thanks to waawmatrimony.